The Beaver lodge

A true lover of nature can indulge here. In the Bever lodge, in fact, you can sleep like the beavers do in the Biesbosch. You will spend the night in a Beaver lodge covered with branches and tree trunks. Of course, there are a few differences because in this Beaver lodge there is a bed box, table, chairs, dishes ánd it is dry and warm. The Beaver lodge is in a quiet spot on the edge of the campground next to the toad pool. The lodge does not have a television, but it does have a refrigerator, kettle and senseo machine. Board games and books about beavers and the Biesbosch are also there. You certainly won’t be bored.


The Beaver lodge can accommodate 5 people overnight. There is a large bed box for 3 people and a sofa bed. You are required to reserve the bedding.
There is no kitchen in the lodge. The shower and toilet are in the campsite’s toilet block this is 30m away from the lodge. The lodge has electricity and you can make coffee and tea. Dogs are not welcome in Beaver lodge.


In the middle of the campground is the toilet block. Here are the restrooms, showers and laundry facilities. Under the same roof is also the information room where you can stay during bad weather. If you want more information of the area, are looking for a good book or a board game you have come to the right place. If you want to find out more about the area now go to ‘Do!’
Free (limited) WIFI is available everywhere on Groene camping ‘In de Polder’.


On the arrival day, you will be able to enter the Beaver lodge from 4 p.m. onwards. We kindly ask you to keep that time due to the other work associated with the campsite and farm.

On the departure day, you will leave Beaver lodge before 10 a.m.

The Beaver lodge is at departure:

  • vacuumed
  • the used crockery washed and is dry in the cupboard
  • the garbage can was emptied and taken to the big container
  • (the rented bedding was collected)

If you do not leave the Beverburcht in this way we will charge a €20 (additional) cleaning fee.


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